In this post we are going to learn the Arabic days of the week. In the table below, all rows are comprised of four columns: 1) Day in English; 3) Arabic Equivalents; 3) 1st Used Translations; 4) 2nd Used Translations.

Days of the week ايام الاسبوع

English Arabic Equivaltent(s) Simple Arabic Translation Complex Arabic Translation
1 Sunday Aḥad أَحَد Al-Aḥad الأَحَد Yawm Al-Aḥad يَوْمُ الأَحَدْ
2 Monday Ithnayn إِثْنَيْنْ Al-Ithnayn الإِثْنَيْنْ Yawm Al-Ithnayn يَوْمُ الإِثْنَيْنْ
3 Tuesday Thulaathaaʼ ثُلاَثَاءْ Ath-Thulaathaaʼ الثُّلاَثَاءْ Yawm Ath-Thulaathaaʼ يَوْمُ الثُّلاَثَاءْ
4 Wednesday Arba’aa’ أَرْبِعَاء Al-Arba’aa’ الأَرْبِعَاء Yawm Al-Arba’aa’ يَوْمُ الأَرْبِعَاءْ
5 Thursday Khamīs خَمِيْسْ Al-Khamīs الْخَمِيْسْ Yawm Al-Khamīs يَوْمُ الْخَمِيْسْ
6 Friday Jumu’ah جُمْعَة Al-Jumu’ah الْجُمْعَة Yawm Al-Jumu’ah يَوْمُ الْجُمْعَة
7 Saturday Sabt سَبْتْ As-Sabt السَّبْتْ Yawm As-Sabt يَوْمُ السَّبْتْ

(“yawm يوم means day)

The first form is rarely used in Arabic. The 2nd form is the definite version of the day(s) and it is the appropriate form to be used. However, sometimes It’s more convenient to use the 3rd form which is combination of the word “Yawm” and the second form which translate in English as “day of …..”

Sample: “I’m going back to school next week, starting Tuesday”

أنا عائِدٌ ﺇلى المدرسة الأُسبُوع المُقبِل٬ ابتداءا مِن الثُلاثاء

Arabic Days of the Week

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