Color (in Arabic : لون): is what you see when you modify the pigments so that light physically seen by the human eye (called the response) and translated in the brain (called the process) .The human eye has three color receptors, respectively sensitive to red, green and blue. A color can be defined by three components. We can use the rate of red, green and blue, which corresponds to the system Red Green Blue (RGB). It is used for example in computer science but remains far from our natural perception of colors.
Arabic Vocabulary: Color in Arabic

Primary Colors in Arabic
Color Color’s Name letiral Trans. Arabic Trans. (m) Arabic Trans. (f) Sample
Red ‘ahmar أحمر حمراء Leila’s hair is red
cha^ro leila ahmar
شعر ليلى أحمر
Green ‘akhdar أخضر خضراء A green Apple
tuffaha khathraa’
تفاحة خضراء
Blue ‘azraq أزرق زرقاء The sky is blue
as samaa’o zarqaa’
السماء زرقاء

Complementary colors are colors that, combined, contain all the colors of the spectrum and no pool.

Secondary Colors in Arabic

The three secondary colors in the additive system are:

Color Color’s Name letiral Trans. Arabic Trans. (m) Arabic Trans. (f)
+ = Yellow ‘asfar أصفر صفراء
+ = Cyan ‘azraq samaoui سماوي سماوية
+ = Magenta qormozy or orjwaany قرمزي – أرجواني قرمزية – أرجوانية

which are actually the primary colors of the subtractive system and give the system CMY(cyan,Magenta,yellow).

Other Colors in Arabic

here is a list of other basic colors :

Color Color’s Name letiral Trans. Arabic Trans. (m)
Black ‘aswad أسود
White ‘abyad أبيض
Grey ramadi رمادي
Purple banafsaji بنفسجي
Orange bortoqali برتقالي
Brown bonni بني
Pink wardi وردي
Gold thahabi ذهبي
Silver feddi فضي

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Arabic Vocabulary: Colors in Arabic

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