In schools, colleges or in medical schools, we all have learned about the human body (Jismu al-insan – جسم الإنسان) and the various human body parts (A’da’u jismi al-insan – أعضاء جسم الإنسان), and since most people start out to learn Arabic by memorizing as much vocabulary as possible, we decided that in this post we are going to learn the Arabic vocabulary of some basic parts of the human body. From head to toe, these Arabic names of the human body parts will be frequently used in your daily conversations and we suggest that you practice them a lot as they will come very handy when time is right.

Singular: Part -‘Uduw (عضو)
Plural: Parts – A’da’  (أعضاء)

The Body Parts in Arabic: The Body

English Arabic Singular Arabic Plural
letiral Trans. Arabic Trans. letiral Trans. Arabic Trans.
1 Head Ra’s رَأْس Ru’ūs رُؤوس
2 Neck Rakaba / ‘Unoq رقبة / عنق Rekāb / A’nāq رقاب / أَعناق
3 Chest Sadr صَدْر Sudūr صُدور
4 Arm Derā’ ذراع Adru’ أَذرع
5 Abdomen Batn بَطَن Butūn بُطون
6 Waist Khasr خصر Khusūr خصور
7 Hip Werk ورك  
8 Hand Yad يَد Aydī أَيْدِي
9 Leg Rejl or Sāq ساق / رِجْل Arjul or Sīkān سيقان / أَرْجُل
10 Knee Rukbah رُكْبَة Rukab رُكَب
11 foot/feet Kadam قَدَم Akdām أَقْدام
12 Scruff Qafa قفا
13 Shoulder Katif كتف Aktāf أَكتاف
14 Back Dahr ظَهْر Duhūr ظهور
15 Elbow mirfaq مِرْفَق marāfiq مَرافِق
16 Wrist Mi’sam مِعْصَم Ma’āsim مَعاصِم
17 Finger Esba’ إِصْبَع Asābi’ alaykom أَصابِع
18 Thigh Fakhid فَخْذ Afkhād أَفْخاذ
19 Leg Sāq ساق Sīkān سيقان
20 Heel ka’b كَعْب ki’ūb كعوب

Arabic is a very rich language in its vocabulary and synonyms, so don’t be surprised if you here people calling the same human body part with different names each time. for instance, the “body” may be either called “jism” (جسم) or “jasad” (جسد) or “badn” (بَدن). A dead body is called “juttah” (جثة), the body of car is called “haykal” (هيكل) etc…

We hope that we are helping you speak Arabic more fluently and we invite you to comment on this post or suggest other Arabic body parts that you may be interested in. Please, keep checking our upcoming posts to learn more Arabic and extend you vocabulary.

Body Parts in Arabic: The Body

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  • July 23, 2012 at 6:14 am

    This is a very good post and I am using it to teach my son Arabic. Thank you for such a wonderful putting together of lessons!

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