Month: November 2010

Arabic Vocabulary: Colors in Arabic

Color (in Arabic : لون): is what you see when you modify the pigments so that light physically seen by the human eye (called the response) and translated in the brain (called the process) .The human eye has three color receptors, respectively sensitive to red, green and blue. A color can be defined by three components. We can use the rate of red, green and blue, which corresponds to the system Red Green Blue (RGB). It is used for example in computer science but remains far from our natural perception of colors.

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Arabic Grammar: Adjectives in Arabic

An adjective in Arabic is called Na’t نعت or Sifah صفة Singular of sifaat صفات and it’s typically a word that describes a noun (Object, person, place…) called man’oot منعوت or “mawssoof” موصوف. Unlike in English, the Arabic adjectives come after the noun they qualify and should agree with it in gender, number, and sometimes even in definiteness.

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The Pawsome World of Hilarious Animal Names in Arabic

Here is a list of animals in Arabic that we thought would be funny to pronounce and it would be easy for you to remember. What makes these Arabic names special is the fact that they sounds pretty much like the sound that these animals would make (Obviously not all of them). Well, it up to you to judge which ones are easy, but this is still a good exercise to practice the Arabic alphabets and learn some new Arabic vocabulary at the same time.

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