Month: April 2012

Family Members and Relationships in Arabic

Grandmother and Grandfather Holding Child on Their Lap

The post details the Arabic names for family members. “Usrah” (أسرة) refers to the small family (parents and children), while “‘Ailah” (عائلة) denotes the extended family but can be used for both. A spectrum of family terms is given, covering basic relationships like parents (Wālid/Wālidah) and children (Atfāl), to specifics like niece (Ibnatu Al-Akh/Ukht), fiance (Khatīb), and in-laws (Ḥamw, Ḥamāh, Nassīb, Nassībah).

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Body Parts in Arabic: The Body

The Body Parts in Arabic: The Body

In schools, colleges or in medical schools, we all have learned about the human body (Jismu al-insan – جسم الإنسان) and the various human body parts (A’da’u jismi al-insan – أعضاء جسم الإنسان), and since most people start out to learn Arabic by memorizing as much vocabulary as possible, we decided that in this post we are going to learn the Arabic vocabulary of some basic parts of the human body. From head to toe, these Arabic names of the human body parts will be frequently used in your daily conversations and we suggest that you practice them a lot as they will come very handy when time is right.

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