Month: November 2023

Arabic Mammal Safari: Secrets of the Wild Revealed

puppy, dog, pet

This guide introduces the Arabic names of various mammals to aid language learning. It includes a visual and phonetic guide for species ranging from common animals like cats (qett) and dogs (kalb) to exotic ones like kangaroos (Kangaroo) and pangolins (Al banghoul). The guide also answers FAQs about regional variations, pronunciation practice, resources for expansion of vocabulary, and real-life practice opportunities.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Arabic Letter Baa ‘ب’


The Arabic letter ‘ب’ (ba) is deeply explored in this guide, including its pronunciation, sounds, and various styles in Arabic calligraphy. Notably, ‘ب’ takes different forms based on its position in a word and has diverse roles, from prefixes to numerals. The guide emphasizes its linguistic significance and contribution to the rich heritage and artistry of the Arabic language.

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