African Countries in Arabic: Your Ultimate Guide

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Exploring Africa’s Rich Cultural Mosaic

Embark on a linguistic journey with us as we delve into Africa‘s Afriqia or Ifriqia أفريقيا أو إفريقيا vibrant nations, cultures, and languages. Firstly In this exploration, we’ll unveil the identities of 54 African countries, ranging from the ancient wonders of Egypt and Ethiopia to the modern dynamism of Nigeria and South Africa. Through the use of Arabic script, we will reveal the names of these African countries in Arabic, seamlessly bridging cultural gaps and deepening our understanding of Africa’s rich heritage.

The Significance of Learning African Countries in Arabic

Now, Let’s understand why knowing African countries in Arabic is essential. In today’s post, we explore Africa’s diversity in Arabic, unlocking a world of understanding. Discovering the linguistic roots of African country names in Arabic Surely enriches our cultural appreciation and historical insight.

Bridging Cultures: African Countries in Arabic

Arabic, widely spoken in Northern Africa, holds the key to Africa’s cultural heritage. Henceforth learning African country names in Arabic bridges gaps, fostering an appreciation for Africa’s diverse identity. By embracing Africa’s linguistic heritage, we can connect with local communities effectively, promoting mutual understanding and respect. So, let’s dive into the list.

FlagCountry’s NameArabic Translit.Arabic Trans.
algeria, flag, africaAlgeria
Al-Jazā’ir       الجزائر
angola, flag, nationalAngolaAnghūlā       أنغولا
benin, flag, national flagBeninBnīn       بنين
botswana, flag, nationalBotswanaBūtsūānā       بوتسوانا
flag, country, burkina fasoBurkina FasoBūrkīnā Fāsū       بوركينا فاسو
flag, country, burundiBurundiBūrūndī       بوروندي
flag, banner, nationCabo VerdeAr-Ra’s al-Akhdar       الرأس الأخضر
flag, country, cameroonCameroonAl-Kāmīrūn       الكاميرون
flag, country, central african republicCentral African RepublicJumhūrīyat Afrīqiyā al-Wusṭá       جمهورية أفريقيا الوسطى
flag, country, chadChadTšād       تشاد
comoros, flag, national flagComorosJuzur al-Qamar       جزر القمر
congo, republic of the congo, flagCongoJumhūrīyat al-Kungu       جمهورية الكونغو
flag, country, ivory coastIvory CoastSāḥil al-‘Āj       ساحل العاج
djibouti, flag, national flagDjiboutiJībūtī       جيبوتي
democratic republic of the congo, flag, national flagDR CongoJumhūrīyat al-Kungu al-Dīmuqrāṭīyah       جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية
egypt, flag, nationalEgyptMiṣr       مصر
equatorial guinea, flag, national flagEquatorial GuineaGhīnīyat al-Istiwā’īyah       غينيا الاستوائية
eritrea, flag, national flagEritreaĪrytriyā       إريتريا
swaziland, flag, national flagEswatiniSwāzīlānd       سوازيلاند
ethiopia, flag, nationalEthiopiaĪthīyūbyā       إثيوبيا
gabon, flag, national flagGabonAl-Gābūn       الجابون
gambia, flag, national flagGambiaGhāmbiyā       غامبيا
ghana, flag, national flagGhanaGhānā       غانا
guinea, flag, national flagGuineaGhīnīyā       غينيا
guinea-bissau, flag, national flagGuinea-BissauGhīnīyā Bīsāw       غينيا بيساو
kenya, flag, national flagKenyaKīnyā       كينيا
lesotho, flag, national flagLesothoLīsūtū       ليسوتو
liberia, flag, national flagLiberiaLībīrīā       ليبيريا
libya, flag, countryLibyaLībyā       ليبيا
madagascar, flag, nationalMadagascarMadaghishqur       مدغشقر
malawi, flag, nyasalandMalawiMālāwī       مالاوي
mali, flag, national flagMaliMālī       مالي
mauritania, flag, national flagMauritaniaMūrītānīyā       موريتانيا
mauritius, flag, national flagMauritiusMūrīšīūs       موريشيوس
morocco, flag, national flagMoroccoAl-Maghrib       المغرب
mozambique, flag, national flagMozambiqueMūzmabīq       موزمبيق
namibia, flag, nationalNamibiaNāmībyā       ناميبيا
niger, flag, national flagNigerAn-Nījr       النيجر
nigeria, flag, national flagNigeriaNījīryā       نيجيريا
rwanda, flag, nationalRwandaRwanda       رواندا
sao tome and principe, flag, national flagSao Tome & PrincipeSāw Tūmī wa-Brīnsībī       ساو تومي وبرينسيبي
senegal, flag, national flagSenegalAs-Sinġāl       السنغال
seychelles, flag, national flagSeychellesSeyshel       سيشل
sierra leone, flag, national flagSierra LeoneSīrālyūn       سيراليون
somalia, flag, national flagSomaliaAṣ-Ṣūmāl       الصومال
south africa, flag, national flagSouth AfricaJanūb Ifrīqiyā       جنوب إفريقيا
south sudan, flag, mapSouth SudanJanūb As-Sūdān       جنوب السودان
sudan, flag, national flagSudanAs-Sūdān       السودان
africa, flag, tanzaniaTanzaniaTanzānyā       تنزانيا
togo, flag, national flagTogoTūgū       توجو
tunisia, flag, national flagTunisiaTūnis       تونس
uganda, flag, national flagUgandaŪġandā       أوغندا
zambia, flag, national flagZambiaZāmbīyā       زامبيا
zimbabwe, flag, nationalZimbabweZīmbābwī       زيمبابوي
Africa’s country names in Arabic


Appreciating the Arabic script is vital. It’s intertwined with African countries and it certainly unveils the continent’s essence. Moreover, embracing these nuances builds bridges and fosters global unity and appreciation for Africa and the Arab world’s rich heritage.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our latest posts we have a similar one for European countries in Arabic.Happy learning!

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