Air and Space in Arabic: Space Shuttle Discovery

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Air and Space in Arabic

Today’s morning traffic was a little bit unusual in the DC metropolitan area, especially in Northern Virginia and the reason was not even on the ground. Almost everyone, who was not driving, was scanning the sky for that very last glance at the Space Shuttle Discovery before landing at the Dulles International Airport. At some point, the scene looked like it was taken from a sci-fi movie where everybody is looking above and screaming (for joy). So I decided to take this opportunity to write about the subject and hopefully help someone learn what the Arabic word equivalent to “Space Shuttle” is.

Space Shuttle In Arabic
The space shuttle Discovery, sitting atop a 747 carrier aircraft, lands at Dulles International Airport, Tuesday. Discovery, the longest-serving orbiter, will be placed in its new home, the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va.
Shuttle in ArabicSpace Shuttle in ArabicAirplane in Arabic
Shuttle | makūk |       مكوك Space Shuttle | Makūkun Fadā’ī |       مكوك فضائي Airplane | Tā’irah |       طائرة
Rocket in ArabicAstronaut in ArabicSatellite in Arabic
Rocket | Sārūkh |       صاروخ Astronaut | rā’edu fadā’ |       رائد فضاء Satellite | Qamar Istinā’ī |       قمر إصطناعي
Universe in ArabicSpace in ArabicPlanet in Arabic
Universe | Kawn |       كون Space | Fadā’ |       فضاء Planet | Kawkab |       كوكب
Sun in ArabicEarth in ArabicMoon in Arabic
Sun | Shams |       شمس Earth | Ard |       أرض Moon | Qamar |       قمر

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