Arabic Grammar: Adjectives in Arabic

Adjectives in Arabic

We call an adjective in Arabic “Na’t”       نعت or “Sifah”       صفة Singular of sifaat      صفات , adjectives in Arabic are typically words that describe a noun (Object, person, place…) called “man’oot”       منعوت or “mawssoof”       موصوف .

Adjectives rules

Unlike in English, the Arabic adjectives come after the noun they qualify and should agree with it in gender, number, and sometimes even in definiteness.

So here is what you should remember when dealing with adjectives in Arabic:

Arabic Vocabulary Used in this Lesson
Arabic NounsArabic Adjectives
A housebyt      بيت bigkabiir      كبير
A manrajul      رجل talltawiil      طويل
A boytifl      طفل nicelatiif      لطيف
A girlbint      بنت beautifuljamiil      جميل
A roomghurfah      غرفة smallsaghiir      صغير

1 – We reverse the order of the words, to translate the following phrases into Arabic, just reverse the order of the words on each of them.

Idiomatic TranslationArabic TranslationLiteral TranslationArabic
A big housebaytun kabiirhouse big (-one)      بيت كبير
A tall manrajulun tawiilman tall (-one)      رجل طويل
A nice boytiflun latiifboy nice (-one)      طفل لطيف

Here is the construction followed in these examples:

Arabic Indefinite Adjectives

2 – If the noun is feminine, the adjective should also be famine.

Idiomatic TranslationArabic TranslationLiteral TranslationArabic
A beautiful girlbintun jamiilahgirl beautiful (-one)      بنت جميلة
A small roomghurfah saghiirahroom small (-one)      غرفة صغيرة

definite nouns

3 – If the noun is definite (i.e. We attach the first word to “Al”       ال ), then the adjective is also definite and will have an “Al” ال attached to it.

Idiomatic TranslationArabic TranslationLiteral TranslationArabic
The big houseal-bytu al-kabiirthe-house big (-one)      البيت الكبير
The tall manar-rajulu at-tawiilthe-man tall (-one)      الرجل الطويل
The beautiful girlal-bintu al-jamiilahthe-girl beautiful (-one)      البنت الجميلة

Here is the construction followed in these examples:

Arabic Definite Adjectives

4 – If the noun is dual or plural, then the adjective is also dual or plural in number.

Idiomatic TranslationArabic TranslationLiteral TranslationArabic
Big housesbaytun kabirahhouses big(-ones)      بيوت كبيرة
The small roomsal-ghuraf es-saghirahthe-rooms small (-ones)      الغرف الصغيرة

Adjectives in Arabic are very useful as in any other language and they are mostly needed to add meaning and emotion to what we describe.

This subject may need a better understanding of definite and indefinite nouns, plurals, genders, and some other Arabic topics that we will be covering soon. Please leave any comment or suggestion related to this post in our comments box.

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