Vocabulary: Get To Know Fruits In Arabic

Learn How to say the names of fruits in Arabic

Welcome to our fascinating lesson on fruits in Arabic, where we will unravel the delightful universe of flavors, colors, and names. In Arabic, fruits are known as “Al fawakih” |       الفواكه , and their singular form is “Fakihah” |       فاكهة .

Today, we will provide you with a curated list of fruits in Arabic, accompanied by images and pronunciation, just like all our engaging lessons. Our aim is to help you not only expand your Arabic vocabulary but also enhance your speaking skills through interactive learning.

1. Apples, Apricots, and Avocados: Tantalizing your Taste Buds

Let’s begin our fruity adventure with some classics:

green apple on white table clothyellow round fruits on white tablesliced avocado
Apple | Toffah |       تفاح Apricot | Michmich |      مشمش Avocado | Avocado|       أفوكادو

2. Bananas, Cherries, and Clementines: Nature’s Sweet Treasures

Explore the sweetness of these delectable fruits:

yellow banana on white backgroundtwo cherriesa close up of an orange on a white background
Banana | Mawz |       موز Cherry | Karaz |       كرز Clementine | Clementine |       كليمنتين

3. Kiwis, Lemons, and Luscious Mangoes: A Tropical Paradise

Dive into the tropical flavors of these exotic fruits:

breakfast, cookery, cookinglemon, citrus, fruitfood, fresh, fruit
Kiwi | Kiwi |       كيوي Lemon | laymoun|       ليمون Lemon | laymoun|       ليمون

4. Oranges, Pears, and Pineapples: Nature’s Citrus Symphony

Experience the citrusy delights and refreshing taste of these fruits:

oranges, citrus fruits, fruitsfood, fresh, fruitpineapple, fruit, tropical
Orange | Bortoqal |       برتقال Pear | ijjass |       إجاص
Pear | kommathra|       كمثرى
Pineapple | Ananas |       أناناس

5. Quinces, Raisins, and Succulent Strawberries: Nature’s Candy Store

Indulge in the sweetness of these unique fruits:

quince, pear quince, fruitraisin, dried grapes, healthystrawberry, berry, fruit
Quince | Safarjal |       سفرجل Raisin | Zabeeb|       زبيب Strawberry | Farawla |       فراولة

6. Peaches, Watermelons, and Plums: Bursting with Juicy Goodness

Savor the juicy goodness of these delectable fruits:

peaches, fruits, foodwatermelon, fruit, healthplums, fruits, food
Peach | Khoukh|       خوخ Watermelon | Bateekh |       بطيخ  plum | Barqouq|       برقوق

7. Persimmons, Loquats, and Nutty Chestnuts: A Unique Culinary Experience

Delight in the unique flavors of these distinctive fruits:

persimmon, asian fruit, fruitbig, loquat, loquat leaveschestnuts, spikes, in shells
Persimmon | Kaki |       كاكي Loquat | Eskadenia |       إسكدنيا Horse Chestnut | Kastanaa’ el hissan |       كستناء الحصان

8. Papayas, Pomegranates, and Passion Fruits: Exotic Gems of Nature

Explore the exotic side of fruits with these gems:

fruit, papaya, papayapomegranate, fruit, seedssliced orange fruit on white surface
      ‬‎ Papaya | Papaya |       بابايا Pomegranate | Romman |       رمان Passion fruit | Zahrat al ‘aatifa |       زهرة العاطفة

9. Other collections of Fruits

a close up of a plant with berries on itblack round fruit on white backgroundgreen fruit on white ceramic plate
Elderberry | Khaman |       خمان Fig | Tin |       تين Guava | Juava |       جوافة
sliced kiwi fruitmelon, fruit, powerfood, fresh, fruit
Honeydew melon | Chammam kouz el ‘asal |       شمام كوز العسل Melon | Chammam |       شمام Nectarine | Dorraq |       دراق

If you found this lesson enriching and enjoyable, please share your questions or let us know the names of any other fruits you’d like to learn in Arabic. For more linguistic adventures, don’t forget to check out our other articles, including one dedicated to vegetables in Arabic

Happy learning and exploring the world of Arabic fruits! 🍎🥭🍊

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