Body Parts in Arabic: The Hands and Feet

The Body Parts in Arabic: The Hands and Feet

In today’s Arabic lesson, we are going to continue learning about the “human body parts in Arabic” and more specifically about two parts of the human body, the hardest working and most visible ones: the hands and the feet in Arabic and their Arabic pronunciation. We are including the Arabic pronunciation of these names to help you learn how to speak Arabic more fluently. Remember that the goal here is to learn as much Arabic Vocabulary as possible by memorizing and frequently using these Arabic names when speaking the Arabic language.

Hands and Feet in Arabic
The Hands in Arabic
EnglishArabic SingularArabic Plural
literal Trans.Arabic Trans.literal Trans.Arabic Trans.
 HandYad      يَد Aydī      أَيْدِي
1WristMi’sam      مِعْصَم Ma’āsim      مَعاصِم
2ThumbIbhāmu Al-Yad      إبهام اليد  
3FingernailThufr      ظفر Athāfir      أظافر
4PalmKaf / Raḥatu al-yad      كف /       راحة اليد  
5FingerEsba’      إِصْبَع Asābi’      أَصابِع
The Feet in Arabic
EnglishArabic SingularArabic Plural
letiral Trans.Arabic Trans.letiral Trans.Arabic Trans.
 FootQadam      قَدَم Aqdām      أَقْدام
6Ankleka’ḥil      كاحل kawāḥil      كواحل
7ToenailThufru Ar-Rijl      ظفر الرجل Athāfir Ar-Rijl      أظافر الرجل
8HeelKa’b      كعب ku’ūb      كعوب
9ToeEsba’ Al-Qadam      إِصْبَع القدم Asābi’ Al-Qadam      أَصابِع القدم

NB: Keep in mind that the foot in Arabic may also be referred to as “Rijl” (      رجل ) instead of “Qadam” (      قَدَم ) that’s why some people may call the toe-fingers in Arabic either “Athāfir Ar-Rijl” (      أظافر الرجل ) or “Athāfir Al-Qadam” (      أظافر القَدَم ). The same thing goes for the toes, both “Asābi’ Al-Qadam” (      أَصابِع القدم ) and “Asābi’ Ar-Rijl” (      أَصابِع الرجل ) are correct Arabic translations.

We invite you to comment on this post or suggest other Arabic body parts that you may be interested in. Please, keep checking our upcoming posts to learn more Arabic and extend your vocabulary.

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  1. i need more parts of the foot like (sole),(arche),(ball of the foot)
    like just more name s to describe parts of foot

    thankyou for reading this

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