Directions of the Compass in Arabic: North, South, East, West

The word “direction” in Arabic is translated as “ittijah”       اتجاه . Its plural “directions” in Arabic is translated as “ittijaahaat”       اتجاهات .

Below is a list of words that will help you learn some of the directions in Arabic:

North West | Shamaal gharbii |       شمال غربي North | Shamaal |       شمال North East | Shamaal sharqii |       شمال شرقي
West | Gharb |       غرب Compass in ArabicEast | Sharq |       شرق
South West | Januub Gharbii |       جنوب غربي South | Januub |       جنوب South East | Januub Sharqii |       جنوب شرقي

Below are the definite forms of the Arabic words we’ve seen above. Now remember, to get the definite form of a word in Arabic, we add the definite article “al      ال which is the equivalent of the word “the” in English.

The northash-shamaal      الشَّمال
The southal-januub      الجَنوب
The eastash-sharq      الشَّرق
The westal-gharb      الغَرب
The north eastash-shamaal ash-sharqii      الشَّمال الشَّرقي
The north westash-shamaal al-gharbii      الشَّمال الغَربي
The south eastal-januub ash-arqii      الجَنوب الشَّرقي
The south westal-januub al-gharbii      الجَنوب الغَربي

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