The Pawsome World of Hilarious Animal Names in Arabic

brown black and white bird on brown tree branch during daytimeselective focus photography of birdmacro-photography blue, brown, and white sparrow on branch
Hoopoe | hud-hud |       هدهد Bulbul | bulbul |       بلبل Swallow | Sununu |       سنونو
a brown and black bug on a white surfacewhite stork flying during daytimea large bat flying over a forest filled with trees
Cockroach | Sarsoor |       صرصور Stork | laqlaaq |       لقلاق Bat | watwaat |       وطواط
green caterpillarbrown chicken on green grass field during daytimeblack fly on white surface
Worm | doodah |       دودة Chicken | dajajah |       د جا جة Fly | dubabah |       ذ با بة
shallow focus photography of pigeonwhite bird on brown wooden fence during daytime 
Pigeon | hamaamah |       حما مة Dove | yamaamah |       يما مة  

By now, you should be thinking about some other Arabic names that you know should have been listed here. Please don’t hesitate to write them down in our comments box and we will take care of the rest. See you soon…

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