Jobs and Occupations in Arabic

Today’s post is a quick reminder for a previous article that we listed about two years ago under the same title “Arabic Vocabulary: Job Titles and Occupations in Arabic“. It’s a short list of some of the most common Jobs and Occupations in Arabic.

The word Job in Arabic has many equivalents, among them:
-1- ‘Amal      عمل (which is totally different from the word “Amal”       أمل which means “Hope” in English)
-2- Shughl      شغل

The word Occupation in Arabic is translated as:
-1- Mihnah      مهنة (which is slightly different from the word “Muhimmah”       مهمة which means “Task” in English)
-2- Wathīfah      وظيفة
-3- Mansib      منصب
-4- Markaz      مركز

To be quite honest, I personally use and hear people using all the above words (depending on the Arabic context) interchangeably to refer to both jobs and occupations in Arabic at the same time, so, whichever you use, you should be fine.

Cook in ArabicEngineer in ArabicFirefighter in ArabicNurse in Arabic
Cook | tabbākh |       طباخ Engineer | muhandis |       مهندس Firefighter | itfā’ī |       إطفائي Nurse| mumarrid |       ممرض
Painter in ArabicPhysician in ArabicPlumber in ArabicPolice Officer in Arabic
Painter | sabbāgh |       صباغ Physician | tabīb |       طبيب Plumber | sabbāk |       سباك Police Officer | Shurtī |       شرطي


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