Transportation Vocabulary in Arabic

Transportation Vocabulary in Arabic

This Arabic lesson is about some of the most used Transportation Vocabulary in Arabic. The word Means of Transport in Arabic is translated as “Wasā’il An-naql” (      وسائل النقل ), and its singular Mean of Transport in Arabic is translated as “Wasīlatu Naql” (      وسيلة نقل ).

Bicycle in ArabicMotorcycle in ArabicCar in Arabic
Bicycle | Darrājatun Ḥawā’iyyah |       دراجة هوائية Motorcycle | Darrājatun Nāriyyah |       دراجة نارية Car | Sayyārah |       سيارة
Pickup Truck in ArabicSpace in ArabicPlanet in Arabic
Pickup Truck | Sayyārah Pickup |       سيارة بيك أب Van | ‘Arabah |       عربة Truck | Shāḥinah |       شاحنة
Taxi in ArabicBus in ArabicTrain in Arabic
Taxi | Taxī / Sayyāratu Ojrah |       تاكسي /       سيارة أجرة Bus | Ḥāfilah |       حافلة Train | Qitār |       قطار
Police Car in ArabicSchool Bus in ArabicGarbage Truck in Arabic
Police Car | Sayyāratu Shurtah |       سيارة شرطة School Bus | Ḥāfiltu Naqlin Madrasī |       حافلة نقل مدرسي Garbage Truck | Shāḥinatu Qumāmah |       شاحنة قمامة
Ambulance in ArabicFirefighter Truck in Arabic 
Ambulance | Sayyāratu Iss’āf |       سيارة إسعاف Firefighter Truck | Sayyāratu Itfā’ |       سيارة إطفاء  
On The Air
Airplane in ArabicShuttle in ArabicRocket in Arabic
Airplane | Tā’irah |       طائرة Shuttle | Makūk |       مكوك Rocket | Sārūkh |       صاروخ
Helicopter in ArabicHot Air Balloon in ArabicHovercraft in Arabic
Helicopter | Mirwaḥiyyah / Tā’irah ‘Amūdiyyah |       مروحية /       طائرة عامودية Hot Air Balloon | Mintād |       منطاد Hovercraft | Ḥawwāmah |       حوامة
On The Sea
Boat in ArabicDinghy in ArabicSailboat in Arabic
Boat | Qārib |       قارب Dinghy | Zawraq |       زورق Sailboat | Shirā’ / Markabun Shirā’ī |       شراع /       مركب شراعي
Yacht in ArabicFerry in ArabicCruise Ship in Arabic
Yacht | Yakht |       يخت Ferry / Ship | Appārah / Bākhirah / Safīnah |       عبارة /       باخرة /       سفينة Cruise Ship | Safīnatun Siyāḥiyah |       سفينة سياحية

We hope that you have enjoyed this Arabic Vocabulary Lesson and learned some new Arabic words. Please keep checking our website for more upcoming Arabic posts.


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