Vocabulary: Get To Know Vegetables in Arabic

pumpkin, vegetables, autumn

In this lesson, we will learn the Arabic names for vegetables | khodaar |       خضار – | khodar |       خضر – | khadrawat |       خضروات

We will get to know the names of the most common types of vegetables, and we will strengthen this lesson with pictures as we have in our previous lessons, if you find any vegetables not included in this lesson please leave us their names in English in a comment and we will do our best to provide their equivalent name in Arabic.

three green fruits
Artichokes | kharchouf |       خرشوف Capers | Nabato Al kabar |      نبات الكبر Celery | karfas |       كرفس
spinach, vegetables, greenpumpkin, food, vegetable
Broccoli | Qarnabeeton Akhdar|       قرنبيط أخضر Pumpkin | Yaqtin |       يقطين Turnip | Left |       لفت
onion bulbs, food, freshvegetable, onions, food
Sweet Potato | Batata Holwa |       بطاطا حلوة Onion | Bassal |       بصل Green onions | Al Bassalo al akhdar |       البصل الأخضر
fly agaric, mushrooms, wild mushroomschile, cayenne pepper, food
Shallot | korrath Andalossey |       كراث أندلسي Mushrooms | Fetr |       فطر Chile pepper | Folfol Har|       فلفل حار
garlic, ingredient, flavoringvegetable, red, sweet pepperpeppers, bell pepper, food
Garlic | Thawm |       ثوم Bell pepper | Folfolon holw |       فلفل حلو Red pepper | Folfolon Ahmar|       فلفل أحمر
healthy, green, bell pepperparsnips, vegetables, ingredientvegetables, vitamins, diet
Green pepper | Folfolon Akhdar|       فلفل أخضر Parsnips | Jazaron Abiad |       جزر أبيض Kale | Karnab |       كرنب
brussels sprouts, vegetables, rosebudscabbage, colored, whitegreen beans, beans, fresh
Brussel sprouts | Karnabo broukssel |       كرنب بروكسل Cauliflower | Qarnabeet |       قرنبيط Green beans | Fasoulia khadraa |       فاصوليا خضراء
spinach, vegetables, greenbeans, health, naturechickpea, isolated, india
Spinach | Sabanekh |       سبانخ Beans | Fasouliaa’ |       فاصولياء Chickpeas | Himmas|       حمص
broad beans, beans, foodlettuce, romaine, greenspeas, vegetable, healthy
Broad bean | Foul |       فول Lettuce | khass |       خس Green Peas | Bazellaa’ |       بازلاء
corn, natural, ripeagriculture, food, fresh
Lentils | ‘aadass |       عدس Corn | thora |       ذرة Potato | Batatess |       البطاطس
cucumber, vegetable, foodgarden herbs, culinary herbs, herbszucchini, green, vivid
Cucumber | Khiar |       خيار Leek | Korrath |       كراث Zucchini | koussa |       كوسة
radish, vegetable, rootgreen leaf plant in close up photographytomatoes, vegetables, food
Radish | fajal |       فجل Cabbage | Malfouf |       ملفوف – | Karnab |      كرنب Tomato | Tamatem |       طَماطم – | Banadoura |      بندورة
carrots, vegetables, harvesteggplant, vegetables, food
Okra | Bamia |       بامية – | Moloukhia |       ملوخية Carrot | Jazar |       جزر Eggplant | Bathenjan |       باذنجان
red beets, vegetables, natureparsley, leaves, cooking
Beetroot | Banjar |       بنجر – | Jodour achchamandar |       جذور الشمندر Parsley | baqdoness |       بقدونس Coriander | Kazbara |       كزبرة

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